It is your responsibility that your brand does not appear in contexts that harm it. And it can be difficult, because any context can in principle be both safe or unsafe. It depends on your brand, your target audience, and how big a reach you want. But we in the media industry must also take responsibility. And we do that at Ekstra Bladet with a completely new solution. We call it Relevance Brand Safety.

Three reasons why you should get closer to your brand’s safety:

  1. News media covers reality as it appears: harsh and brutal, but also delightful and life-affirming. We cover life for better or worse, because that’s what users demand.
  2. Any context can be unsafe for a brand, therefore it is about being specific rather than general.
  3. Improper use of brand safety filters reduces your brand reach and you miss out on valuable customers.

How does Relevance brand safety work?

We use machine learning to analyze and categorize all articles. It all happens in real time.
Real time: When an article is posted online, it is categorized according to both standardized and custom brand safety filters – as opposed to 3rd party brand safety technologies, we do not have to wait for a technology to ‘pass by’ and ‘read’ our articles and then categorize them.

You can ensure brand safety in three ways:

  1. Custom brand safety filters: Here we choose with you the words and contexts in which you do not want your brand to appear in. Thus you achieve maximum reach, while your brand appears in a safe context.
  2. Standard brand filters: These are general filters that can be used if you want to avoid larger areas of content. Using these filters will reduce the reach of your campaigns.
  3. Combined standard-brand safety and custom filters: Here you can deselect larger areas of content, while at the same time selecting other contexts or, for example, excluding appearing in articles where competitors are mentioned.

Standard-brand safety-filters






Violence & murder

Death & accidents

  • Sea
  • Road
  • Train
  • Airplane
  • Fire


  • Sex crime


Here you can use Relevance Brand Safety:

  • View-based formats
  • Direct campaigns
  • Programmatic deals
  • Can be combined with Relevance Audiences