What is Retargeting?

You have probably experienced shopping for a product on the web, and then being exposed to ads for the same web shop when you visit other websites. This is called Retargeting or Remarketing.

Why use Retargeting?

Retargeting can be a powerful tool to increase brand loyalty to existing or new customers.

How does Retargeting work with us?

  • A Javascript tag (pixel) is created by JP/Politiken Ad Operations.
  • The advertiser places the Javascript tag on their website.
  • Users visit the advertiser’s website and their cookie is collected in a retargeting cookie pool.
  • The campaign is setup to target users in the retargeting cookie pool that subsequently visits JP/Politiken’s sites.

NB. Due to GDPR legislation, it is required to sign a data agreement with JP/Politikens Hus when applying Retargeting on campaigns. Please get in touch with your JPPOL contact who can assist in drafting the agreement.

Since Retargeting relies on cookies, many Retargeting campaigns are also affected by the limitations imposed by ITP and other tracking prevention measures.