Wallpaper – JPG or PNG
Dimensions (All measurements are pixels (width x height)): 2560×1140 – Click here to see the cutout guide and safezones
Weight: 200 KB
Grid: 960 Pixels

Topbanner – JPG, PNG, GIF or 3rd party tags (You cannot use html)
Dimensions: 930×180
Weight: 120 KB

Note – ref. safezones

  • We recommend keeping all messages in safezones and staying away from the sides of the format.
  • The area that the user can see depends on the user’s screen size.
  • Be aware that the banner will not be seen fully if the user has set the browser or screen setting for eg. 150%.
  • Skin can be cut after 600 pix in height on some pageviews by the editors.

Preview for Politiken skin Desktop

If you have issues seeing skin on the preview, please try this:

  • Accept cookies.
  • Try copying the url into an incognito browser instead of clicking on the link.

Adform syncronized tag

General specs – Click here

We can not setup MP4 or HTML ourselves, but

We support Adnami skin with MP4 or HTML.
If using this option, the Adnami specifications must be followed.

When using Adnami, the advertiser must uphold the dialog, setup and cost themselves.