What is Relevance?

Audience – 1st party data

No 3rd party cookies. All users with consent can be reached – also in Safari and Firefox.


Targeting content instead of users – no personal data, no need for consent

Brand safety

Specifically tailored segments for advertisers – from brand safety to brand suitability. In addition, Standard Brand Safety segments

»Click on the first row of icons to see available segments«

How does Relevance work?


Delivered about target groups and context – both programmatically via deals and directly. Integrated with Adform Flow

AI & machine learning

Real-time categorization of articles with advanced algorithms

Large database

Historical and real-time data provide a more accurate picture of users

User privacy

Privacy-by-design – only profiling and targeting users who have given consent

Why Relevance?

Tech limitations

Apple and others kill the 3rd party cookies and make it impossible to reach 50% + of users

Legislative requirements

Cookie requirements and GDPR limit the possibility of tracking users and give users more choices

Market turmoil

Chrome will stop supporting 3rd party cookies in 2024 – what is Google doing?

Respect for users

Users have always been able to opt out of advertising – respect their choices