What is ITP?

ITP, which means Intelligent Tracking Prevention, is a feature of Apple’s Safari browser that blocks third-party cookies and thus prevents (data-based) targeting of ads to Apple users.

How does ITP affect me?

By blocking third-party cookies, you cannot reach iOS users with data. In Denmark, half of digital traffic comes from iOS devices, so it is a significant part of your audience you cannot target if you are using data, frequency capping and other cookie-based tracking features.

Is there more to come? 

There is nothing to suggest that Apple will change their attitude towards cross-site tracking of users, on the contrary, each and every update of ITP has led to new restrictions on tracking.

Other major players follow suit, and these browsers now default to the use of privacy settings that block the use of 3rd party cookies:

– Mozilla Firefox

– Microsoft Edge

– Samsung Internet

– Chrome (from the year 2022)

Latest status on various browsers processing of cookies. Read more

What can you do now?

By using JP/Politikens Hus’ 1st party data platform, Relevance, you can, in fact, target iOS users with data. We offer approx. 600 different 1st party audiences based on standardised IAB taxonomies and socio-demographics.