.JPG, .GIF or .PNG

Formats – Click on the size to see the template
Desktop: 2560×1440
Mobile:        736×736


  • Since the product has a scroll effect (just like midscroll), we recommend keeping all messages centered and staying away from the sides of the format.
  • The area that the user can see depends on the user’s screen size.

Max 500 KB for desktop and max 200 KB for mobile

If you have issues seeing topscroll on the previews, please try this:
Clear your browser cache, as it is a frequency-controlled product
Try copying the url into your browser instead of clicking on the link
(Mobile preview have to be seen on a mobile device)


We also support Adnami topscroll (video og HTML)
If using this option, the Adnami specifications must be followed.

When using Adnami, the advertiser must uphold the dialog, setup and cost themselves.