Fil type: JPG
– 1200×627 px
– Max 200 KB each.

– Max. 50 characters
– Max. 16 characters pr. word

We recommend that the column is presenting the message clearly and accurately, preferably with a CTA (call to action)

– Max. 150 characters
– Max. 16 characters pr. word

– Article URL / Landing page
– Advertiser name

To achieve the best possible performance, it is recommended to run with 3-5 different images/headers.
The above need to be delivered in a single email to:

The product can be purchased IO and programmatically, here the same specs apply.


  • Use actual pictures instead of illustrations
  • Use images that matches the campaign and support the messaging
  • Focus on one subject rather than many elements in the pictures
  • There must be a correlation between headline text and the message the user finds on the advertiser’s landing page
  • Align your messaging with the Bold platform and tonality – Be clear, concise and precise
  • A header between 30-40 characters is ideal
  • Focus on CTA phrasing that emphasizes the value gained by interacting with the content
  • Create a narrative, something that surprises, arouses interest, and something that users would expect in an Bold article


  • Avoid text and logo in the images
  • Avoid spelling errors
  • Avoid being too pushy in the tone or wording
  • Avoid use of CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Limit the use of long compound words, as these often collide with the width of the box
  • Words such as ‘live, ‘breaking’, ‘directly from’ (similar to ‘live from’) may not be used
  • No use of fake news is allowed. This include untrue statements or half-claims in the text that can be viewed as clickbait